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Extremely Toxic Buyer destroying my career

I did every work he asked for but he was giving me extra task everyday and all he wanted is free. But I denied so, he spammed me everywhere and…even spamming in my social media.

Now he removed all his positive reviews cause I blocked him for taking new orders.

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I didn’t think it was possible for buyers to remove their reviews normally (unless they can ask CS to). Maybe CS decided to remove them?

Also you should remove the buyer’s name from the screenshots as we’re not allowed to call out buyers publicly. I also don’t see why you reviewed him with “great buyer” each time if you thought he was an “extremely toxic buyer”.


he purchased three orders from me serially. after successfully completed the buyer asked for free works everyday and redesign for every changes he made in his company. It’s not my duty to upload his gigantic for free.

If it was a gig where you have unlimited revisions, even after the an order is complete Fiverr can expect sellers to continue offering revisions. It’s probably best to remove “unlimited revisions” from an gig where you have it so people won’t keep asking or changes forever.

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Every order was with 20 revisions. check these screenshots

20 revisions is crazy. You must be pretty bad at your job if you need to change it 20 times to be acceptable.


Every buyer took 2 or 3 revisions . then accepted the order. 20 revisions for satisfaction. and as a new seller. I have to give 20 revisions to show the buyer that I will work hard. But he used more than 100+ revisions out of my work. My job was just designing. but he also asked many things from me. He didn’t use the revision system offer just. he messaged me in the inbox for revisions.

I assume that was a custom offer. On your gig page for that it says “unlimited revisions” on each package. Though if he took less than the 20 revisions before the order is complete, Fiverr will still expect the seller to allow any unused revisions after it’s complete to be used.

So I still think having a more reasonable number of revisions in gigs & offers would be better. ie. take out “unlimited” from the gig packages and put about 5 or 9 if you really want to allow that. And in offers it’s probably best not to offer 20 revisions if you don’t want to revise 20 times. Put a much lower max (I didn’t think 20 could be offered.).

No, you don’t. I was a new seller once. I never offered more than 2-3 revisions. You don’t need to offer more revisions to get orders. You don’t even need to “work hard”. You need to work well and be efficient. Give me talent over “hard work” any day.


If that was for one order you should have stopped and told him as soon as he reached your 20 limit. Maybe he assumed it was unlimited because of what’s on the gig page.

edit: You could also put in your gig description what you count as a revision (what sort of things you allow for a revision).

One of the orders says “I will design until you are satisfied” Big red flag right there - the client can argue that until he is satisfied, the order hasn’t been completed according to spec.

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But he accepted and left 5 * and good review. He wants new work for free like data entry and other stuffs which i don’t provide. after accepting order, he started the mass. during the order, he can tell me.but he accepted my work then forced me to do more works for free

Block him, problem solved. Stop guaranteeing “satisfaction” and offering 20 revisions.

I don’t say I work until my clients are satisfied. That means nothing. I work until I’ve delivered what I agreed to. Since I do good work, my clients are satisfied anyway. No need for 20 revisions.

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I blocked him but he is sending me messages. I don’t know how.

That’s not possible - if you block a buyer he can no longer contact you.

Or whenever someone asks for other things that you don’t provide you could just say that you don’t provide that. Maybe for some you might not need to block them, just provide them with the service they ask for and that you provide and say you can’t do additional things. If they insist then I suppose you could cancel/block or a better way might be to get CS to cancel the order as they might be able to make it not affect your stats if you tell them they are asking for something you don’t provide in the gig.

I’ve had them contact me and also place orders after I blocked them. It only works part of the time.


but he is sending me messages . He send me message with another account of his. where he asked me to contact through gmail. I reported the message. the account was banned. now he can send me message with his actual account. and he attached a txt file.

He also spamming me outside of fiverr for no reason. I blocked him in facebook as well. I don’t know, what I did to him?

Keep flagging his messages as spam and keep blocking him everywhere. Raise your prices so he doesn’t order from you without your authorisation.


I told him. But he was continuously asking for. Maybe he was not understanding the sentence what I told him or just ignoring my sentences and forcing me to do his work