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Extremely Toxic Buyer destroying my career

He can’t force you. Just ignore him.

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I know but fiverr didn’t give rights to buyer to disturb outside of fiverr. if I deny his work.

That’s against terms of service. Gather proof, send it to CS and he should be banned. He can’t contact you outside Fiverr.


ok gathering thank you

Besides 2-3 revisions for every order is pretty high, especially in websites niche. Maybe you should ask them if they like it before sending delivery?

I mean it’s all about customer satisfaction after all…


Check this . the buyer himself told me to submit @michal247
Check this also. He ordered designed pack and accepted with 5* but he wanted to redesign it again as an ecommerce site for free and I denied. Here the problem started.

Well that particular buyer is an exception as he is either not mentally stable or not good person, but you said in this topic that every buyer requests 2-3 revisions.


@michal247 Can you please remove that one word? It’s obvious what you said even when you took out one letter and that is not an acceptable way to communicate on this site, thanks for your understanding.

This is a professional business site and as such we can’t say certain words like that one.

Thank you I see you did that quickly. :+1:


How can he remove the reviews? I don’t think its possible…
Is it???

buyer can by contacting cs

That’s really an unprofessional behavior from a buyer.
First you got satisfied with the work and gave review then after some clashes you are taking back the reviews for some other work.
What was he thinking exactly? Is he some Psycho :eyes::joy:

i was calm and behaved professionally with his every toxic behavior. but he was enjoying disturbing me and manipulating me to do other web designs for free. now what an unprofessional behavior.

If I manipulate a buyer to review , I will get ban. but if I didn’t listen to the manipulation of free work, then I will suffer with removing reviews.

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In short,

Seller < Buyer

Don’t worry, you will get more orders and nice buyers too. Be consistent and devote yourself to your work.

Good luck!

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Updated News,

Thanks a lot fiverr.

I contacted with fiverr and cs helped me within 2 days.

Thanks for guidance .

Thanks all who replied and discussed.

Thank you too

fiverr banned that toxic buyer .

Thanks again. I was so depressed for few days. Now I am happy <3


Congratulations brother.
I’m happy for you.

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again arrived :joy: :joy: :joy:
what to say !!! what an unprofessional guy. I never seen like this :joy: :joy:
Already reported and spammed