Eye-catching buyer request


Hi everyone
Can anyone help me how to write an eye catching buyer request, what should I start with, what not to say, what things can attract a buyer to be interested in my offer anything would help me here.
I’m really confused about this.
Thanks in advance



I introduce myself briefly. Then, I like to talk about my passion for the topic at hand, my experience working in the field, and what I hope to bring to the job should I be hired.

Here’s an example of a buyer request I recently sent regarding a gig on sports writing. I’ve paraphrased:


I’m Sara, I’ve been a keen athlete for many years. I’d love the chance to bring my 5 years of writing experience and my love of sports to your project. I think together we could create content that both speaks to and inspires fellow athletes.

If this initial gig goes well, I could begin to find my own topics to write about, and could offer you a package deal so you get great content without breaking the bank.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi Sara
Thank you so much for your reply, Your buyer request example is excellent.


Just keep it short and concise.