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Eye-catching gig but not coming view

My Seo optimized gig is not coming impression , view and click. I create gig professional and eye-catching. please reply your valuable information
Gig Link:


nic gig image :heart_eyes: :crazy_face:

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Thanks you for looking the gig

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So for you “professional and eye catching” is to use a picture of another person from internet and misrepresent your identity?



Ow. My eyes.
Eye-catching is no good if it hurts to look at.


Fiverr available all gig 70% of people use an online image. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Right, But what is wrong the gig image you look. I always try all my best

If other people are using it it doesn’t mean that you have to break the rules too. The only thing it means that they weren’t caught yet.

Or if people robbing banks you will also say that it’s ok because other people doing it???


I don’t think it breaks any rules and it will be a problem for other people
I think there is something wrong with the matter

Of course it does break fiverr rules. Didn’t you read fiverr terms and conditions?


The image is create in photoshop it’s not other real person

It is a real person. Photo was taken from a real person and you stole that image from the internet and presenting yourself as that person who is not you in the reality.

You broke 2 rules here:

  1. Stealing image from the internet.
  2. Misrepresenting your identity.

I use the only better-looking image. The image is totally free to use commercial purposes.
If you think that I am using it to introduce myself then you are wrong in your thinking

Are you serious???
Even if that image is free to use for commercial you are still misrepresenting your identity.

I’m sorry but if you wouldn’t remove that image I will report your gig and will leave it to fiverr to decide if you are breaking rules or not.

I’m amazed how people are telling you that you are not allowed to do that and you are arguing that it’s perfectly fine.


Don’t write in white on neon green. “Eye-catching” doesn’t mean “unreadable”.


I don’t know what do you want and argue
Anyway, don’t argue here anymore. I’m saying officially goodbye to reading comments.
Thank you very much all the people to share your valuable knowledge. Remember I am officially goodbye read the comment

if no impression , view and click. so you needs to marketing your Gig on social media,

I face the same problem.

This is an open forum and anyone can post in your thread.
And it’s amazing that you are breaking rules and still acting like that.

Here’s quote from TOS for you


By the way, check what I found, it’s free for commercial use only with attribution. :woman_shrugging: So you also broke not only fiverr rules but also TOS of other website and infringed copyrights.