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Face a problem sent Bayer request

I am faceing problem sending bayer request. Guide me



I saw your problem. Verify your details.


i am not facing this type of problem

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you can contact customer support.

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Sometimes this happened to me and I believe it’s maybe under two reasons.

1st reason, internet connection instability
2nd reason, the buyer who has posted the request has already deleted or paused not to receive any other offer(s)
But mostly I have a strong feeling that it’s maybe PAUSED OR DELETED.

Because if there are other requests on the list, you can send offers to other requests but to that one in particular which always show you that “Verify your details” or something like that.

And if you take a close look. When all the request disappeared. You’ll find 1 request shown on the active request but it’s entirely invisible. Well that was the particular request you weren’t able to send offer.

This was my observation regarding this inability to send offer to a particular request.

Someone should correct me if I’m wrong.

consider contacting the cs to accord the necessary support


Fiverr customer support team will help you.They are very supportive. Contact them.

This verification problem. you should verify your Id card or passport.