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Face to face communications with suppliers


Hi all,

I really want to work with Fiverr more closely but the I really want to use the face to face communication with my suppliers. Of course I’ll pay them trough Fiverr (im not searching to still their money).
How can I do a ■■■■■ call or other Face to Face channels without worrying about Fiverr Terms and Conditions?

Thanks in advance,


Hi, it is not to your advantage to use face to face communications. There are lots of reasons not to do that. If you want to though you can ask customer support for permission but honestly why bother with it? You are asking for a lot of problems with that.

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Which problems? There is no better communication than face to face from my point of view… of course over the Internet if that wasn’t clear… I just want to make my request as clear as possible



All kinds. Being able to do business without face to face communications is the main advantage of this platform. For one thing all communications are written so there is no misunderstanding if some kind of dispute arises. It’s naive to think face to face communications will help anything. I’m not here to chat. I’m here to take orders and get the jobs done quickly. It’s asking for trouble to have face to face communications and it is not conducive to getting orders.

In earlier internet days some sites thought naively that real time face to face chat was a great thing and quickly realized that it was a HUGE problem and stopped. One of many issues is the problem of internet predators.

You make your requests the most clear if they are in writing. You avoid seeing elderly men in their bathrobes who mumble incoherently, :older_man: or all the other types of people who have zero interest in placing an order and just want to “talk”.