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🧐 What's your best idea for Fiverr?

I sometimes peruse through the Suggestions section, and there happen to be a lot of great pitches for updates and new options. What you’re best suggestion for Fiverr?

My idea…
NEW reason for cancellation: “Buyer’s instructions are against the Terms of Service” (i.e., writing a school paper, writing an Amazon review, etc.).

This option puts the order into Fiverr’s queue for them to review the buyer’s actions. If it’s determined that this buyer’s order was against the Terms of Service, canceling it does not hurt the seller and the buyer is given a warning.


My suggestion is that anyone who wants should be able to be on the first page of their category if they go through a series of televised challenges and defeat their competition in feats of daring, skill, strength and bravery.
Of course, I would never be on page 1 but at least there would be something good on TV.


So this, then:


I think Fiverr Sellers and Buyers would benefit from a more advanced search feature. I feel that subcategories are still not narrowed down enough to greater specifics. I get confused on graphic illustration/cartoon characters vs ‘animated’ character models! Graphics shouldn’t be tied in with cartoon illustrations. Those should be separated in my opinion.