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Facebook Ads - GIG

Hey all!

I have a question…can I promote my GIG doing an Ad on Facebook? or I’ll get problems with fiverr?


In general, you can promote your gig anywhere you wish. The thing to remember is that the place you promote needs to drive traffic towards Fiverr. Facebook, Twitter, your own blog - they can all point the way to your Fiverr page.

What you cannot do is go the other direction. You cannot use Fiverr to direct people off-Fiverr. You can’t post links from Fiverr to your Facebook page or anywhere else off Fiverr. The only exception to this is for sample content and even that you have to be careful with. You can display your samples on 3 sites - SoundCloud, Flickr or YouTube. However, if those sites have contact information (e-mail, phone number, etc.) that direct people anywhere except back to Fiverr, you can’t do that.