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Facebook Ads paid campaign

Hi there… I am very new in E-commerce and I am searching for someone to help me out with FB ads campaign. Upon discussing with a seller about the project, he ask me about my credit card details? It is really safe to just give stranger my card details even for the paid campaign? what if after the gig has end…how can I be sure my card details will be using for other things?


You should add your credit card details in your facebook business manager account. So you will no need to give the seller your credit card details.


I dont have business manager account at that point of time. even so, he could ask me to add in the credit detail myself just by guiding me about it on fb business account creation and to add the details. instead… he using his own fb ads to create my paid campaign. which mean my credit detail is hold by him? i check on my fb business there is no payment detail at all

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I advise you send the dollar equivalent for the paid ads to the seller account so that he/she can use their account and card details without requesting for your own card details.

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What do you mean By sent the dollar equivalent for the paid ads to the seller account? through which medium or method of payment?

you can tell the buyer to create an offer, then you make another order, that way the seller can use their funds to run the ads knowing fully well you already paid for it

Thank you so much for the suggestion. I will let him know about this. Thanks!

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NEVER give your card details to some seller on Fiverr. Unless you want some shopping spree from another country on your bill next month.


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Suggest you look for another seller.

I searched for “facebook ads campaign” in the Fiverr search box and found 18,071 services available.

You need to invite the seller to your facebook page and assign them the role to help you.
That’s what I did, and be careful of some buyers as they will try to steal some information from your fb account. ( not sure why?), just ensure never give them the admin role when inviting them to your FB page