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Facebook Blocked My Fiverr Profile Link

This is my profile link that I want to share on Facebook platform.

I have joined many Facebook groups for sharing my gigs. Initially when I start sharing my gigs on these FB groups, the Facebook blocked my Fiverr profile URL and say “your post could not be shared, because this link goes against our community standard”.
I reported on Facebook but got nothing.
I also tried to share with other Facebook accounts but faced the same problem.

I request to Fiverr experts to help me regarding this matter.

Thank you

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You can’t share your Fiverr Profile in Facebook Groups. That is spamming and of course Groups don’t allow that.

People join groups to share insights, not to see ads. This is not how you promote your gigs. Every Group has Terms of Service. Read them and consider how your posts affect others.


use********* then you can post it again

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Hi @mdrifat123
Thanks for suggestion this solution.
I have tried this Shortener URL method. It is working now for me. I will use it in future if it is ethical.

Thank you again

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So now you’re just knowingly breaking their TOS?


No you can’t. Admins screen Group posts manually. It is the same post even with a different URL and they see that and you shouldn’t try to manipulate the system. Spam is spam and it is wrong and no Group Admin will allow it, thank goodness. It is disturbing that you didn’t figure his out and still don’t understand why it is unethical and ineffective.

It isn’t a solution for the above reasons, @creative_doll. Don’t try to manipulate a Group for your own gain. If you think that a URL shortener is going to help you evade manual screening you have a lot to learn about the internet.

Stop trying to game the system. It is rude, unethical and won’t get you sales, anyway. If you want sales, learn how to engage organically instead of trying to trick Facebook Groups into allowing something that is against their ToS. No one would ever do business with someone who behaves this way. No one.

You’re asking for expert help. What you need is basic ethics, sales and internet literacy. The resources are out there. Teach yourself.


Thank you @humanissocial for guide me in a professional way. I will keep in mind your suggestions.

HI! @creative_doll

I had got the same problem, did your problem is solved?

This seller was spamming a Faxebook Group. That’s what happens when you spam.

The solution is to not spam! Easy. Respect why people use Facebook. It isn’t to see your gig links. No one cares and stop spamming.

Learn how social media lead generation actually works instead of spamming your gig.