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Facebook blocks fiverr links


Anyone knows whats going on there ? Few weeks ago I did start facebook promotions for my gigs and driven some unique traffics to the gigs. I shared them on larger graphic groups, pages and in communities. 3 days ago facebook blocks me for the first time, now this is the second time they blocked.I didn’t done spams or robot posting things just unique link pastings as always with a small message saying If you need graphic etc etc etc etc.

any suggestions ?


It would seem that Facebook views your promotional actions as the problem, not the links themselves. You did say that you’ve been posting your gig links on multiple groups, pages, and social locations. I wouldn’t be surprised if your many links have been reported as spam by other Facebook users, and you’ve likely had enough spam reports against you that Facebook stepped in and warned you.


Thank you very much sir ! I will be careful in next time.


If you must market on social media, at least do it tactfully.