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Facebook gig promotion

I have a question. Can I promote my gig using Facebook add? Or paid promotion?


Yeah i think you can.

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Sellers may not promote their Gigs or any Fiverr content via the Google Ads platform.

The above (from the Terms of Service) is the exception to paid promotion so Facebook is fine.


thanks for your sharing information

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thanks, brother. for sharing info

Best is Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn

I mean Facebook add paid promotion. So you mean paid promotion through twitter, linkedin

no I mean post your gig in Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn

Don’t use paid ads to promote your Fiverr gigs ANYWHERE. Period. You may risk losing your account as Fiverr is prone to be quite trigger happy these days. If you want clarification on the subject, contact customer support and take their approval first before taking this step.

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Thanks for sharing information.