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Facebook group tips

hello, I need a question? this forum member said that if gig marketing facebook is the best way so they are recommended join the facebook gig related group and promote my please give your advice what kinds of group I join


It depends on your target audience and that is something you need to figure out.

lloydsolutions sir please give i advice in friendly is in possible to find out client in facebook

Best not to address others as sir. Lots of people (who might be female) don’t like it and it will put many buyers off. You have no idea whether or not I am a sir!

Perhaps others will have something to add re facebook but that is all from me. Think it works for some depending how they use it but again that is something you have to figure out.


I think it’s possible to find clients in many places. Social media, forums that have people who need your product or service, paid advertising and so on. No one can tell you exactly how because you are the expert on what you sell and on what kind of people need it. You have to find those people and tell them why to choose you. The slow method is usually best because it involves showing your talents to the right audience. A forum thread isn’t going to teach you everything about marketing or advertising. You might try reading some ebooks or blogs or take some courses.