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Facebook likes are bad EVEN from TOP seller!

Hello Fiverr lovers!

I just write to tell you how weird things are. I have worked a lot on my proper business and it was going well. I built my self a Facebook fan page and was also working hard to make it big. I purchased Facebook like from a Top rated.

After 5 days all the likes disappeared…I was aware from the beginning that this can happen, but I took the courage to make this move because it is TOP seller and she know what she is doing… No she Don’t

After this drop, she went and added AGAIN the like after 3-4 days, I don’t know who asked her to? she really didn’t know that this is NOT good?? doing this business and not knowing the simple is more weird… They again disappear all…

OK today Facebook RESTRICTED my page for detecting SPAM . this a shame… ALL my business and the money I’m spending on is wasted.

I have of course my part of this… but really I trusted her because she is top seller, It was the only Facebook like I have purchased…

So I really wonder how safe is it to chose a top seller and how really this reflect the good seller.


I spent more than 200$ on FB ads and got about 600 real like. Of course they will not let their business be scammed so easy. especially it is their platform.

My slogan NOW: NO FAKE LIKE!! Real likes are expensive but their REAL.


Read my post a few posts above. All the info you need is there.

As for the Facebook announcements, that’s old news. LOL.

You may have noticed “Like” sellers on Fiverr dropped by like 50% about a month ago, and a lot of the ones that remain have lots of negative reviews saying: The Likes Vanished. (Again, read my post above). That’s because Facebook already rolled out their new security systems.

Fact is, buying “Legit” likes (Not Bots) is no different than paying for a newspaper ad, or a commercial, or paying Facebook itself to send you fans. (Yes, they do that, just look to the right on your Fanpage. It just costs a lot more).

As long as you provide legit likes, not bots, things are all good in the world. And even if Facebook decides to check up on some of the people liking pages, what are they going to do as long as it’s not a ‘Bot’ account? Tell the person they arn’t allowed to like something?

Again. It all comes down to what the seller sells. I admit, there are few good likes gigs on Fiverr. But for tips and why Likes vanish… Read the post I made a few posts above.

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These gigs are always doing good because they offer 1000’s of likes in 24 hrs.

The rule that always applies is -

If it sounds too good to be true …

I get people who message me and say "Can you guarantee x amount of likes in 12 hours ?"

My answer is always the same … The likes are from real accounts - therefore I can’t guarantee how fast they may or may not likes a page or photo.

As for the software generated ones … they can get those almost instantly, but they don’t last.

The other adage that comes to mind -

You get what you pay for :)>-

Never buy from TRS’S they take you money and run :slight_smile:

Reply to @kouklissa: See how shady TRS’S are as soon as being busted for ripping people off she tried to make you look like a liar by deleting the gig… TRS’S are shady I am telling you. Those that have been here a longtime are not trustworthy they know how to scam the system. Scam Buyers…

All issues aside with the seller, it’s against Facebook Terms of Service to have fake likes, or purchased likes added to your account. It’s also against Fiverrs Terms of Service (or so I was told by Fiverr customer service) that they don’t allow any work or gigs that violate third-parties (other sites) Terms of Service. How these people are getting ‘Featured’ I have no idea, I know nothing about them… if their fake or not, that’s for Fiverr to deal with.

You might want real this article, along with others to know it’s going to happen. Here’s part of what Facebook has told the press: Facebook announced a new automated system for detecting and removing fraudulent likes, noting:

“A Like that doesn’t come from someone truly interested in connecting with a Page benefits no one. Real identity, for both users and brands on Facebook, is important to not only Facebook’s mission of helping the world share, but also the need for people and customers to authentically connect to the Pages they care about. When a Page and fan connect on Facebook, we want to ensure that connection involves a real person interested in hearing from a specific Page and engaging with that brand’s content. As such, we have recently increased our automated efforts to remove Likes on Pages that may have been gained by means that violate our Facebook Terms.”“no-more”-fake-likes-and-fans

It’s not authentic, it holds no value and does nothing for a business or a Facebook page. Anyone who honestly thinks they have power in (fake) numbers is lying to themselves, and has no idea how marketing, or a business truly works or knows what it takes to be successful. The truth is fake likes/comments hurt your brand. Plain and simple. Make sure you read a sites Terms of Service before you go running your social scene on any companies site. The fact is you agreed to Facebook terms thus it’s your fault, not Facebook. Sorry, it’s that a little blunt but you should have all the information about things before you go sinking your own social media ship…

Top Rated Sellers are just like anyone else. IF they see an opening to make quick cash, they go for it. You should have asked if they used Bot accounts. (Software created accounts).

What happens is that Facebook closes the fake accounts. (C’mon, it’s Facebook. They know what accounts are made with software). It sometimes just takes time to get there to delete the accounts. I’m sure they’re pretty busy. The point is that once the account is deleted, so is the like. So if you buy 500 Likes from someone who uses Bot accounts… they all vanish, and Facebook will see that within a few days you had 500 bot accounts and wonder what’s up.

This is a big problem, and you should always be aware of it. Who, unless they are a celebrity can promise you 1000 likes in 2 days? How long did it take you to get 100 likes? I’m sure more than 2 days. If it seems to good to be true, it usually is.

I have a Facebook likes gig. Probably 1 of 2 on Fiverr that don’t use ‘Bot’ accounts. My rating speaks for itself. Over 1.5 years with no negative reviews. Why? It’s because I DON’T use ‘Bots’.

I am old fashioned. I have a network of people/friends that I pay to do this with me. I’ve only lost 1 liker here on Fiverr in 1.5 years.

My problem? I can only supply 50 likes. My network isn’t big enough to do 100. But, like they say, quality over quantity.

So. Bottom line for any reading:


  • Ask. Ask the seller if they use bots. Some may lie, but that’s what the review button is for.

  • Read some of the reviews. Don’t just look at the ‘Thumbs up’. Read them. If you start to see stuff like: Good, but the likes vanished and they re-added them. Or: Delivered ontime but clearly not real people… well… Bots.

  • DON’T expect real fans. By that I mean that you can buy a ‘Like’ from someone getting paid to like something. But they’re not going to be active. You can’t pay someone to like something. Even ‘Real, NOT bot’ likes are only for show and to some extent search results. They are NOT meant to be converted to activity or sales. Again, you can’t buy a fan.

  • Use common sense. Anyone who promises 10000 Active likes in 24 hours… welll… C’mon now. LOL
  • When searching for gigs search by rating, then, again, read the reviews.

    Use those tips and you’ll have a way better time on Fiverr.

There is a potential benefit to fake likes. It’s called “a plant” and it’s as old as selling itself. People want what someone else has. People even want what they think someone else might have. If someone catches wind that all of a sudden people are interested in your page (product, business), they’ll come running for their piece of the action.

It works. The next time you’re at a market, move a little quickly toward some random item or make an ‘interested sound’ like “oooh” or “hmm” and see how many people gather. I personally use it as a trick to get people out of my way. It works best with a partner: “Oh, wow, that looks delicious/cheap/effective!”

I’m confused. The TRS you mentioned doesn’t sell FB likes.

She deleted the gig :-(. This is at least good for others…

I’d delete the sellers name or you will find yourself with a note from the sheriff.

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You think? I deleted all the link, this is not the purpose of this. I do NOT make the sheriff angry!! I’m in lo@ove with him ^@^

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You should create a collections picture.

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Hehe. This become funny now. At least to break the depression this issue did to me this morning.^@^ hehehe