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Facebook Likes, Fast DropOffs, Legality, etc

Practicing arbitrage, I collected $20 via a FB contact who wanted LIKES in his/her FP Profile. Found a fiverr seller offering 4,000 likes so placed an order. About 24-36 hours later my cliend had his likes and was delighted. I was going to spend ANOTHER $5 and get MORE likes from another fiverr seller.

Not even 24 hours later, those 4,000 likes had dropped by 300+ !!! and more were leaving. I contacted the seller and listened to his promises to “fix things”, which he never did. Well he got back up to 4000 and they began falling off also. So, I was wondering if this is normal, and hoping for advice.

I have not purchased from the 2nd FB Likes seller yet, obviously because I won’t know which of them are at fault when likes fall faster than a swimmer wearing cement shoes.

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Yes it’s absolutely normal: most of FB likes gig use bots and FB remove every single day loads of fake likes.

Do you want real likes? Do you want real friends? Pay for targeted advertising… sad but true.

Not to mention that when FB makes some complain about some seller, his/her FB gigs are removed immediately because in clear violation of third parties TOS.

"Pay for targeted advertising…“

Can you explain that so that anyone reading here can easily do it? I have “a few” friends” who would love having more likes and friends in their fan pages. They don’t specialize in building up their online profiles because they are into other things.

Your expertise and advice here could help us practice arbitrage and really earn some decent profits for doing very little work. And did I forget to say thanks for your reply?

Reply to @wordpress_user1: I’m not a Facebook guy, meaning that I barely use it.

But I know you can buy advertising (just like you can do with Google)… don’t ask me more 'cause I can’t help you :wink:

You lost your money!

Most of the SEO, FB, YT, Twitter, Linkedin, and others are simply fraud. They are using a piece of software to add likes and then’ll drop.

Buyers have wasted countless dollars on useless gigs. It doesn’t work, it’s fraud. We tested one guy who has sold 30,000 gigs, claims a pyramid of backlinks. We purchased $5, waited, waited, waited a few months, nothing. Yet, buyers see such claims think it’s going to boost their business and profits, but it doesn’t work.

Also, google and other search engines no longer likes you using backlinks in this manner and your website could be penalized in the rankings.

So, if you want to believe me or not it’s up to you. I’ve been using the internet 1990, I think I know a little of what works and what doesn’t work no matter if these clown will tell anything. They are just looking for quick bucks.

Of course, fiverr doesn’t do anything about because it is a good source for their revenue and a service has been performed. You can’t “prove” that it doesn’t work. But, this type of gig is also common sense. Don’t be fooled.

It’s fraud, you playing a silly game, I am buyer, I buy for the simple reason that your target audience is more likely to buy from a FB page with 1.1k likes or a twitter with 10k than one with a minimal amount. BUT you could do it.

Having worked in seo for 15 years and the lack of social nod up until now, this new Google update seems to give Twitter profiles with REAL followers a good ranking…

Its been like 5 years that google started killing sites buying thousands of something. Don’t know why people still continue buying that (unless to hurt your competition)

offers of hundreds or thousands of FB likes, re-shares, GooglePlus followers, +1, tweeter followers, re-tweets, etc. are done using hacked accounts. (Bots only speed up the process)

So when the real owner logs in, you loose that account’s support.


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