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Facebook likes is a scam. (fragglesrock)

It’s a waste of money and time buying Facebook likes off fragglesrock.

I paid for some likes on my page and 3 days later I have lost everyone of them.

How can I get a refund? as I can’t seem to contact anyone from fiverr!

Sheriff’s note: it’s not allowed to call out other members names!

Cool profile image. Did one of the Fiverr graphic illustrators create it?

Hey I ordered the Facebook likes gig too and after two weeks the likes are dropping really fast. I left positive feedback because the seller offered 100+ more likes for an immediate positive review comment.

I emailed this seller and have not heard back yet.

I want my money back from this seller, as she mislead the gig and it looks really bad when FB likes start dropping off so fast in such large increments.

I know I cannot name the seller on this forum but I expect Fiverr to contact me so I can report this seller because they should be kicked out and buyers should be refunded.

Thank you.

I remember the time I won the lottery, and gave my friends $10 every time they walked in the door to visit me, so they could go have a coffee ‘on me’ or whatever. Boy, I had so many friends! All the time, friends coming in the door! Laughing friends, smiling friends, slapping-me-on-the-back friends! Everyone always said how lucky I was to be SO popular! And we had so much fun!

Then one day my lottery winnings ran out. The money was gone. And my friends stopped coming over! I couldn’t figure out how someone as popular as me suddenly had nobody coming to my door anymore.

It must be the lottery company’s fault, right? Guess I’ll go complain to them that my friends are gone and it’s all their fault.