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Facebook Likes: Who pays for the Likes?



A buyer wants 2000 Likes for $5.

Now from my real world experience as a Digital marketer.

The $5 would be for your work done NOT the Likes itself.

He wants targeted ads in a Geo-fencing strategy, which is easy for me. BTW was a Facebook marketing veteran.

Facebook charges targeted likes a minimum of $0.03 per like which is $60.

Who pays for this? Or maybe its my fault i didn’t tell him before hand.

Because i see other Gigs with 10,000 Likes for $5, and am like BOTTTTSSSSS.

So please anyone advice me. What should i do?


Option 1 : promise something you wont be able to deliver. Get penalized for it.
Option 2 : don’t promise something which is not possible. Don’t get penalized.


Buying and selling Facebook likes is against Facebook’s Terms of Service, and therefore against Fiverr’s Terms of Service, too.


Hello Silkroute.

Thanks for answering.

My Gig said ill Optimize your Facebook Campaign. He need a Custom Order and i created one for him. So i didn’t promise something i wouldn’t deliver. I am a Pro on Guru and never had this issue because the Fee from the buyer covers everything.

I was referred to Fiverr, and here i am with my First sales. lol


Hello Catwriter

Please understand my Situation.

In my experience with Freelance work on Guru. I’ll be made an Advertiser on the Buyers page which ill run the Ads on.

Unless you are selling bots, you cant offer likes outside the buyers Social assets.


@malahkhai You can’t offer to sell likes at all, unless you want to break the ToS of both Facebook and Fiverr. Optimizing a Facebook campaign is allowed, as far as I know, but selling likes as such isn’t.

I’ve tried to take a look at your profile, but I get the message that it no longer exists. Is it a bug? Is your profile still active?


Hello Catwriter

Please understand me, I DO NOT SELL FACEBOOK AD.

I am a Certified Facebook ads manager and i have the clearance to manage anyones Facebook ads account by Facebook. I have manged more than 100 Global Facebook account during my 4years experience as a Digital Marketer.

That been said, when i get a client. They grant me access to their Dashboard as an Advertiser.
Where i Create, Optimize and Report for them. After our contract is over i disconnect my Profile from their page.

My Gig is specifically to help anyone Optimize or Create a Facebook Campaign for them. I can optimize any Facebook ads objective, get Page likes with ) 0.02 per likes etc. i am a professional CRO (Conversion rate optimizer).

So please understand me, Am new to this get 2,000 Page Likes for $5 when the job itself cost you more. So where is the profit. On my other Jobs (Outside Fiverr), i get 15% of the Job’s budget. So usually my Fee includes your Work and my pay. Ok?

Again, Thanks for replying.

I declined the Gig btw. He needs bots and i can not offer that.



Thanks alot for your break down.

Am glad i brought it up and also for your help.

I heard all she said and my radio frequency is 3 way btw as you can see i reply to all the comments i get :grin:. Am new and this is meant to happen. Its funny and interesting tho. :laughing:

Happy New Year.


Happy new year, dude! :slight_smile:

I’m sure you will be able to make a mark on the marketplace in no time!


Nice to see you ask for help first before doing something dangerous.