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Facebook link in delivery Message?


Is it for or against Fiverr terms of services to include my facebook page link in my delivery message?


Why would you need to include your Facebook page link?


Not allowed.


To get direct sales out of fiverr.
Oh noooo, I mean to show my work I shared on Facebook.


To show my clients all my work portfolio. Every video their has a link to purchase that redirects back to fiverr.


Thank you but i dont mean gig description. i meant in delivery message

like in the and

And make sure to check my page URL
to get more exciting offers and discounts.


Gig description or anywhere on Fiverr.

They cannot mentions as:
Only these links are allowed in Gig description, Private Message, Gig Photo, Gig Image, Sending offers, Delivery Image and each and everything.

You can do it, but once it get noticed by Fiverr support or any of the buyer complained about it, you will be one step near to end your service on Fiverr.


They can contact you directly through your Facebook page. Sharing personal contact information with your clients is strictly forbidden unless it’s necessary to complete the service (and even then, you need permission from Customer Support first).

Sending them your Facebook page link isn’t necessary to perform the service, so no, it’s not allowed. If you do it, you will get banned.

Use one of the allowed URLs for that (and be sure that there isn’t a way to contact you outside of Fiverr).


Thank you. I Guess not a good idea.