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Facebook Link in gig


Hi all,

I am making chatbots for Facebook Messenger, and I want to have a link in my gig or on profile to one of the bots that I made, so that people can test it and see how it works. But when I put a link to the bot, my gig gets deleted because fiverr thinks that I want to make a deal without them using facebook, which is not the case. The link is not to my profile, but to the chatbot.

Do you have some advice how I can show people a way to test the bot. At the moment, I have a youtube clip of how it works.

Thanks in advance,


You can use the video as the video for your gig.


Contact the support team
They sometimes allow links for specific gigs.


I contacted support a while ago, they said they will ‘forward the request, and see what they can do’ but until it gets allowed, I can’t have links for messenger. Thanks to both of you, I guess the video is the only way for now.


you can not share your social media profile here on fiverr