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I am looking for someone to help me network my facebook page. Fragglesrock. I saw where people put your site out there and get real likes and shares for you. Is there anyone who can help me. I really need to grow my business.

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Sorry, I did that. Susie Cutshall

Hey @ggsusie.

I generally don’t promote my own gigs on the forum… but since you asked…

Feel free to check out my gig. Just click my username. Maybe I can help a little.

@radjaseotea - Huh? That made no sense. None at all.

I promote websites , links.

Send me a message on fiverr and i’ll look at it.

I can help you with getting good and real likes. Note that is is a gradual thing and not something that will happen ovenight.


Reply to @bigbadbilly:

I’ve ordered your gig before on my buying account, it’s basic to say the least. You said that you’ll provide around 100 genuine real likes from a specific place in Canada and you did but when you said real - I got 1 post like from around 400 posts from one of your likes, I wrote their names down on a piece of paper so I could work out my own analytics for the likes you got me. Just one like!

Before you say it’s due to content - I ran a competition where if they clicked like on a status they would win a really expensive product, I boosted it so they would all see it just to make sure I covered all bases and absolutely nothing. For one like they would have actually received something amazing and nothing.

So now I just see you as the same as all the others but for less likes - if anybody or you question what I’m saying I’ll be happy to give you each and every name of the likes and provide analytics and screenshot data for them.

You’re best off spending $5 on facebook ads or boost your page, much better quality and outcome than anything here on fiverr.

@perfectdigger - Not better than anything on Fiverr. I offer the real deal. you’re just stereotyping… as is the norm I suppose. Fact is that some of us do things properly and Stereotyping is bad. lol

Reply to @perfectgigger: Please do because I don’t really believe you. First off I can’t offer 400 likes. But… and more to the point. You’re lucky you got 1 like at all on anything. I always make it clear not to expect any conversions. Most of my people actually remove the pages they like from their newsfeed if they post to much. Why? Think about it. I send a lot of people to like a lot of pages. That’s a lot of spam on their newsfeed. So generally they “Hide posts from this page”. It’s better than Un-Liking the page. So the fact you got 1 like is pretty good. But generally, if the content is good people get a few. The fact is that I make no promises and actually tell people that my likes are mainly cosmetic and Facebook search based. They never drop. And are safe. I notice you didn’t write anything on my likes dropping. Because they don’t. I’d love to know who you are and which page is yours so I could look myself. But… whatever. Fact is you say:

perfectgigger said: So now I just see you as the same as all the others but for less likes

Well.. The simple fact is that I actually compensate my people for liking pages. And what you "Paid for" was the fact that my likes are safe and won't drop. Ever. And no offense... but real likes is worth more than 1000 fake ones. Even if they don't convert into sales.

So... let me ask you this. If you, yourself liked at least 20 pages a day, 7 days a week.... how long would you last before you un-liked or clocked pages from your newsfeed?

My famous motto: You can buy a like but you can't buy a fan.

So... Ya. PM me the page I sent Likes to so I can have a look. Like I said. I'm surprised you got any post likes but at the same time if you got 1 you probably got more because a lot of my group are friends. They see a post they repeat it. I'd just like to see.

Reply to @kjblynx:

I clearly wasn’t talking to you so head out kid.

Reply to @bigbadbilly:

I think the fact that I messaged them from a fake account to check their authenticity was the nail in the coffin for your gig, also, that you had to write 3 paragraphs to justify and protect your gig when really the only appealing thing with your service is the likes don’t drop yes I agree they’ve not dropped. I don’t think you realise the actual in depth analysis I did in this page to justify my comments above.

The page is useless - it was a test, I ended up spend $500 on a facebook ad campaign getting real likes from real people, you should see them, they’re brilliant. I’ve since reported all of your likes and your service to Facebook to comply with their terms of service.

That is all.

$5 on facebook - make a real good post then BOOST it for $5 = sorted. If anybody wants to know how to do this effectively PM me and I’ll advise you for free.

Don’t waste your money on dormant likes from people who have to say positive things about their gigs because if they don’t they will lose money.

Reply to @bigbadbilly:

Of course you’re going to say that - you stand to make a gain if people think your gig is genuine! As a tried and tested user of your gig, it’s just not what your gig description implies, if anything like I mentioned above, buying your gig is paying for a like that won’t drop - that is all. So you should change the title to “buy 100 facebook likes that don’t drop from people who don’t want to see you in their newsfeed” haha

Reply to @perfectgigger: I’ve sued Big Bad Billys service for like 2 years now and think it’s the best one on Fiverr. I usually get comments and stuff though. It’s rather rude of you to call him out like that though. You sell social gigs to. Guess it’s true what they say about competition being harsh. The fact they don’t drop sort of proves they are real because fake ones always drop.

Reply to @perfectgigger: Dude. Have you read any of my forum posts? I have a tendency to ramble. In everything I do.

The fact you won’t let me know who you are or what the page is, is all I need. I don’t really care to be honest.

The fact that you’re writing how you messaged this and that from numerous " Fake accounts " as you call them just puts your own nail in the coffin. The fact that you, yourself provide SEO services just shows where this message really comes from. Oh wait… you paused your gigs… but we can still find them by Googling your username and hitting the “Cached” button.

I don’t tend to mislead about my service. You can’t “Buy” a real fan. Everyone knows that.

And after all this I actually have my doubts you’ve ever ordered a gig from me. I really doubt it.

Oh… and yes. I try to make myself look good. That’s kind of the point isn’t it?

You reported my people? So. Who cares. They’re real people and are allowed to Like any page they want. Report away. lol

Fact is that I have over 4000 listed reviews… and over 10000 gigs sold. (With this service I’m lucky to get 30% of people leaving feedback… for obvious reasons. I also don’t even have 1 negative review. Do you know how hard it is to deliver over 10000 gigs and not get a bad review?

What’s that mean? Simple. I don’t have to justify myself to you. My record speaks for itself.

Reply to @bigbadbilly @perfectgigger you guys are both acting like spoiled little forum kids. I wouldn’t buy likes from anyone but @perfectgigger if you say his likes haven’t dropped that kind of says they can’t be fake because fake likes always vanish. @bigbadbilly you do have a habit of being long winded. I’ve seen your posts. @perfectgigger if you really didn’t like his gig why didn’t you give it a bad review. And be the first. Bah ha ha! And saying you have multiple Fiverr accounts and fake Facebook accounts @perfectgigger really does put your claim into question. Both of you just need to chill. Acting like children won’t get you anywhere. You don’t like his gig and he doesn’t like yours simply don’t order a gig from them. And stop talking to each other. But if perfectgigger really did order and report all big bad billy’s people thats kind of low.

I’ve just read a little more and want to add this in. So @perfectgigger what you’re saying is you ordered the gig and because these people didn’t convert the way you hoped you are reporting them to Facebook? Pretty douche thing to do. Karma.

Reply to @bigbadbilly:

Hey buddy,

Everything you said would have been remedied if you’d read my profile. I turned all my gigs off because I had a spare month where I was back in a European country, although not quite back in the homeland - the awesome Great Britain of course. I sold over 30 gigs and I donated all the money and profits from them to charity (cancer research UK) so that’s kind of awkward now. How much of your profits has gone to charity?

I’ll be moving to live on a beach in the same hotel I’ve spent the last two years in, internets hard to come by though.

I’ve attached an image of some of the people who liked my page that you provided just to prove it, also, I’m 25 I’m not a child I don’t need to put people off your gig but I’m just pointing out that it has no beneficial value to anybody who purchases it from my experience …

Here’s an image of your fake friends:



Reply to @merileep:

Maybe you’re a little challenged but to save repeating myself, read my comment above, I donated all my profits to charity, so keep your nose out.