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hello, your message consider as a SPAM because your are posted your gig link in wrong category, you need to go on “My Fiverr Gigs” category and then post your gig details with link.



Be cautious about FIVERR policy on what you post and where you post.
Your post may consider as a spam.



Reply to @webexpert1313: look i am not a SPAMMER. i am new in Fiverr. it’s can be a mistake.


Reply to @emranulhasan: You had the option to edit the post and put it in the right category. As you were advised, putting your gigs in a category other then My Fiverr Gigs is considered spam and your post has been moved so that it doesn’t have to be spam. Good luck.


Reply to @emranulhasan: I am not tell you spammer,
I am only told your message is consider because its a against of fiverr TOS.

so i give you suggestion only move post in relevant section.



Thank You brother. i was new on that time.