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Facebook Page Order Request Issue

I posted an order for assistance with a Facebook page and was declined 3 times. I’ve placed the exact same order in the past and the order was fulfilled:
Order Details:
CUSTOM ORDER gave you 10,000 new page May 12, 16
give 200 likes to your facebook CUSTOM ORDER give 200 likes to your facebook
Mar 31, 16 give you 1000 facebooks fan page like

Fiverr did not approve my most recent order and sent this email:

Unfortunately, your Gig request “I am looking for Facebook likes on my…” did not pass our review.
Using this feature to promote your services is not allowed, and can result in your account being restricted.
For more information, please read our Terms of Service.
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I sent a support ticket and got this response:

Miles (Fiverr Customer Support)
Jun 17, 11:26 PM EDT

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us. I have reviewed your request and this one has not passed the review as per our Editorial decision. They have specific guidelines for requests and this is not something they want used on Fiverr at the moment.

If you need any further assistance, please contact us. Have a nice day!

What is going on? First of all, I am not promoting services. I am not a seller, only a buyer. I returned to buy the same exact service I have ordered 3 times. What does that mean - this is not something they want used on Fiverr? I simply asked for a custom order: I need assistance with a Facebook page. That is it. There are thousands of sellers offering this type of work. What is the issue?

This must be the reason Fiverr has so many bad reviews.
Kind regards,

Fiverr is really starting to track down on fake reviews, likes, followers etc. Therefor your request has been rejected.

Yes, if it helps, these reviews wouldn’t have helped you anyway. Facebook is very wise to this practice, just like Amazon is in regard to fake reviews there.
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