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Facebook promotions

I will promote facebook page and profile

just check my gig

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Nice gig, i will buy

Such gigs are not allowed on Fiverr.

If you type “facebook like gig denied” in the search bar above you will find several posts on the subject.

Your gig is likely to be removed at any time.


It’s funny that you try to support someone that has a gig with a service that you once had denied.

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This is not my gig. Please check its alive gig on fiverr.

other user id gig [ditleydesign] have facebook page like gig

You mean fake and bots?

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its real, no bots or fake

Fiverr removes Facebook “like” Gigs because is a violation of Facebook’s policy. You are not allowed to “exchange money” for likes, comments, etc. With that said, anyone caught violating any third-parties Term of Service (requesting or provide this service) is subject to having their account placed under restriction or banned from Fiverr all together as you agreed to this during sign up.

Be sure you read Fiverr Terms of Service. :slight_smile:


thanks for suggestion.