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Facebook Roles/Access

I’m a newer Buyer on Fiverr. …If I give a Fiverr seller an ‘advertiser’ role on my Facebook page, does he/she have access to my credit card info on facebook?


@chiggins21 iam not sure, but i think no…
greetings form @vivi123

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That would be a question better directed to FaceBook Support.

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Hopefully i can help.

An advertiser role should just allow them to post ads on your behalf, they will be able to see the payment methods on file (and use them / charge them to the account). They should not be able to anything confidential other than the last 4 digits of the card.

I would double check with FB but each role should be defined on the account settings.



They’re not known as great responders. Thanks for the advice though.

This was helpful Andrew. Thank you. …I researched each role but it was unclear what access an advertiser has to one’s finances, if any. …Thanks again for your helpful message.

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My pleasure :slight_smile: glad i could help.