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  1. GREAT Value for Money.

  2. Level Two Seller.

  3. Creative realization and creative ideas.

  4. Full customer satisfaction guarantee.

  5. Always a perfect size for mobile and desktop.

  6. Delivery on time.

Let’s start our working relationship! :wink:

What you will get

You always get a banner ad that meets your instructions. I do my best to provide mistake-free and effective designs on your concise and thorough instructions. :slight_smile:

Upon purchasing you will be asked

  1. What is your banner type (ad, cover, post)? What platform is it for?

  2. Text to appear on the banner. Product/service specific images to use (e.g. logo, etc). Descriptive info (e.g. website, page on social media)

  3. Style references in words (playful vs sophisticated, feminine vs masculine, affordable vs luxurious, etc.) OR images.