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Facebook wants to earn all profits ALONE

We got 2 of my gigs deleted by fiverr , and they say they had a complaint by facebook enforcement team over the gigs . When in reality we provide real and legit likes as they are generated by promotion and inviting peoples directly to the buyer’s page which involves a lot of hard work , my buyer’s are happy with results as they know they are getting a legit service just like facebook provides it to peoples in form of AD’S , we do the same thing - We even can give proofs if they want - and even have mentioned it in our description and gig images showing how we get those likes .

Still they have deleted the gigs , it can just be one reason and that is facebook ones to earn all the profits alone , as they want page owners to have no other option than paying them for generating likes , as we have never been stopped before by facebook and we even are now not stopped by instagram , pinterest or any other site for providing likes and followers as our services are legit and they don’t yet have such methods like facebook have and when they get in those methods those gigs will also be deleted that’s the citeria ! Its not about breaking any TOS but its about this things only .

Facebook is not free now , they have made creating pages free to force people to buy there AD campaings later on . Deleting our hard made gigs having many reviews , views and favorites won’t stop us doing the right work and getting people the services facebook provides in much lesser prices .

Well you can stop us on facebook but not over internet arena , as we provide legit and legal services and we can provide it anywhere else or even in our own websites , well this gave us a new way to make even more money i guess , THANKS FACEBOOK !

I’m sorry you lost your gigs and I understand the rant. I don’t disagree that FB wants to keep the profits. The thing is, it is their site so it’s up to them. It actually is against Facebook rules for people to buy/sell likes. Fake likes are the main target but any likes purchased in bulk are against the rules posted by their security team. Anything that violates the rules of a 3rd party site automatically violates Fiverr ToS. Fiverr has been removing gigs like that slowly but steadily which has been often discussed on the forums. I hope you can come up with some good replacement gigs and keep on earning!

Reply to @fonthaunt: We are aware of that and we only provide 50 real likes and even that takes 2-3 days to complete . I have problems because my services are legit and it is done by hardwork of not just one person but 4 peoples , and its just a tight slap on our face when we wake up in the morning and find our gigs having top reviews , orders and views being deleted by fiverr with the reasons in which we aren’t involved !

We have even told fiverr we are ready to submit our proof’s by video recording or screenshots or any manner they want it , as our services are legit and we can clear all the doubts in a day but they say its done by facebook enforcement team we asked them to give the contact details or a way so that i can talk to them directly about this and solve this issue forever , but we haven’t got any reply from 36 hours .

And even to be secured we got all our gigs checked up by the support 15 days back and yes facebook have this in term of services from just 7-8 months , before everywhere bots likes were sold openly and they use to earn like 10-15k a month , its from the day they have started selling it themselves !

But i have got it finally if we are making any legit gigs also , facebook team ill still report and delete it because THEY WANT TO MAKE ALL PROFITS ALONE , they won’t stop you if you provide fake reviews , they won’t stop you create fake accounts and sale it they ill stop you only for this as they have this services being provided by them .

Anyway no issues just were little off and ranted it out , no worries we will keep going with our another services and will like fiverr to remove the fan pages category from social media as it makes no sense to have it !

Thanks anyway for taking out the time and reading my rant :stuck_out_tongue:

sunshy1 said: Anyway no issues just were little off and ranted it out , no worries we will keep going with our another services and will like fiverr to remove the fan pages category from social media as it makes no sense to have it !

Glad to hear you're going to keep moving forward and yes, you're completely right, Fiverr should simply remove that entire category and also ALL of the other gigs that are against 3rd party site rules. Unfortunately, you happened to somehow get a direct complaint and Fiverr took action. You can be sure that they will only remove those gigs one at a time, when they absolutely have to, so they can get revenue as long as possible.

I certainly wouldn't be surprised if Facebook only takes action when they HAVE to make a point too. Otherwise they'll end up making their service look less popular. It's much easier to sell ads when you have an audience of billions.

Yes, sometimes I over-state the obvious. ;)
itsyourthing said: Yes, sometimes I over-state the obvious.
I always do.

Reply to @itsyourthing: You said it right , claps :slight_smile:

Reply to @ricksper: Alas, sometimes it’s just easier. :slight_smile:

And makes us look wiser.

Reply to @ricksper: Look like something, for sure!