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Faceing problem to withdraw


I requested a Fiverr revenue card from Fiverr. As all of us know that this service is under payoneer. After submitting card request one day they mail me for my info. I did as they said. After that, I tried to log in, in payonerr but they said my account is blocked. Now when I contract their support They said "At Payoneer, we regularly review customer activity in order to keep our payment platform safe for everyone. In a recent review of your account, we noticed that some of your activity has gone against our Terms and Conditions.
As a regulated financial services business, we are required to stop offering our services in these circumstances.
We advise that you do not send any additional payments to your account, as they will be declined.
Please contact Fiverr to find an alternative method of payment."

Now, what shall I do?


It is clearly written in the last sentence: Please contact Fiverr to find an alternative method of payment
In fact you don’t need to contact them as there are only two options left for you:

  1. Paypal
  2. Bank Account

Easy fix.


Paypal is not available in my country. and bank transfer is under payoneer too.


Then there is no option for you left to get paid.
The harsh reality: your Fiverr career ends here.


Can you tell me, Is there any way to get my panoneer account back?


There is only one party that can answer this: Payoneer.
The answer will be obvious though.