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Facing a problem someone help!

Please someone help me!!!

I am sharing my gig on different social sites and sharing it with my friends but i don’t know whats wrong i am not getting any views or click please someone help me.
thanks…its strange :frowning:

I have also same problem brother… Also there is no sell…!!!

I think it’s fiverr having problem.

Its fixed now. The impressions have been fixed.

Really, thanks a lot to inform me :slight_smile:

Sometimes this happens but impressions and click doesn’t matter. What matters are the reviews and good reviews will get your gig on top and in the “Highest Rating” section which leads to more orders etc so don’t pay much heed to impressions and Clicks. Sometimes your gig will have many clicks but no orders so it will be of no use. Thanks!!

Your welcome sir its so kind of you

My Pleasure :slight_smile: