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Facing a problem with gig impression

Hello, I am facing a problem. My gig impression is empty. I don’t know why. I am worried about this.


A lot of people have problem with face, it is just nature.


Fiverr team already work for this problem.

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Everyone has that problem. They are working on fixing it

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I thought that it was only my problem.Thanks for sharing erfankamrul dmnt06 marinapomorac

It just a Fiverr visual bug, it will be fixed soon

Hi, @tahsinm32
Don’t worry about this problem.
Wait few hours.
And your should read forum notification.
Your gig still online now.
Thank you

yes is all same.this is fiverr issue

Everyone same…

Hello Bro
I am in same Problem .
How can I solved it ,
Help Me Please …

This is not a problem.

I am in same problem…

I also facing this, why rectify this? anyone help me

hello I am also facing this problem

means? I don’t understand

hello @alpha_geek01
It is happening with everyone. Fiverr is working on it.

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I am also facing this problem

Facing the same issue for few weeks now.