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Facing a tough time

I hope Everyone passing a good time and gets more sell. Without any reason, my gig falls down and my selling rate is not good so I face a tough time. please give Your feedback and pray for me.



Hey Wondershafiq,

It will pass. Make the most of this time to horn your skills. You can as well learn new things to improve your skills.
Tough time never last.

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you not share your gig in social site everyday so it fall down

“Sharing” your Gig on social media daily will NOT get you orders - what you are suggesting is that this guy spam at random social media sites. Again, posting a link to your Gig daily is NOT going to get your orders.

Quit giving this feckless advice. I saw you suggest the same pointless drivel in another thread.


Thanks…to give Your feedback

Same here… :frowning:
You have to learn more and more skills, create more and more gigs, share as much as possible, and only then you can survive…

Yes, brother and Thanks to give Your time

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