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Facing an issue from buyer

hi, i am facing issue:
buyer placed his order, I really worked hard to deliver his work, i even did some extra job for him, as I offer unlimited revisions on my every gig, so the buyer has been putting number of revision without demanding any change in it but when I am texting him to please tell me what changes you want he’s not responding.

today 6th time I again delivered him my order after waiting for 2 days and said i hope you’re satisfied. he immediately put a revision by saying “I need revision but wait for few days”. he has been doing so from last few weeks, by putting revisions repeatedly without saying anything and not replying to any of my messages but when I’m delivering my work, he’s again putting revisions by saying “wait for some time”

please tell what should i do, i don’t know if Fiverr will take any action against buyer or not


Offering unlimited revisions is a very bad idea. As you are discovering.

With unlimited revisions, you are continually at the mercy of your buyer.

The only hope you have is that customer support recognise that your buyer is not providing you with clear instructions, however they still might note rule in your favour…

… because you’ve offered unlimited revisions.


It sound to me like someone who is having a field day of fun with your unlimited revision. There is nothing for him to lose. He will do this until you reach breaking point and then he will get his money back.


Unlimited Revision is a perfect way to server free service. Change this ASAP otherwise rest of your life you are free to your buyer :stuck_out_tongue: Some buyer misuse it.

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Even if I don’t offer unlimited revisions I ran into the same kind of buyer . From my personal experience it usually ends up bad for the seller no matter what he does . I would cancel the order without even thinking twice and report him ( it’s not your case with the report part since you actual offer unlimited revisions ) . Support can cancel the order and compensate you if you are right … ( again not the case, you are offering unlimited revisions ) . In the future , don’t offer unlimited revisions :slight_smile:

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