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Facing Below 90% rating issue

I am facing a Below 90% rating issue form the last 4 months. I have 5 reviews on that low rating gig. It is the only gig I have reviews. 2 buyers purchase my that gig. and I worked for them on 4 projects, They both were happy clients from Germany and Israel. unfortunately, they didn’t give me any rating or review. if I delete that gig I will able to send the buyer’s request immediately?

Of course not. Your rating will stay on your profile even if you will delete that gig.


@mariashtelle1 okay so what’s the solution?

What kind of solution do you need? There is no magic pill or a way to trick a system. You either need to wait 60 days for the rating to stop being accounted or you need to finish more orders with great reviews :woman_shrugging: No other way.

And this is a pretty bad review. No one wants o work with sellers that lie and cheat. Probably that’s why you are not getting orders anymore.


@mariashtelle1 okay thank you.