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Facing Big Problem

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone Enjoying their work.

I am facing Big Trouble Right Now. I am tired of being contacting fiverr support from past 10 to 12 days. No One answer me any more.

I am level 2 seller with 100% rating . All my clients love my work and contacting me frequently. Problem starts when fiverr support " restricted my account" . , With being communications .

Just Copy paste 1 or 2 Paragraph that I create MASS ACCOUNTS. [ and HONESTLY I just have my ONE ACCOUNT from past 1 year, My This account Is the result of my day and night hard work. I give my full time to fiverr to raise my account with the best of my ability]

They suddenly stopped my account and stop communications . No answer to me . They disable Live Chat and send me back that its for selected customers.

To Whom I contact ? and Tell My story???

Is there any place To which I can explain All my Problem Now I am facing ???

Is that what How Valuable-Less we Are???

If someone Use fiver from offices s, and lots of people ,employee’s Join Fiverr !! How should we restrict them NOT TO use Fiverr Its Only for me???

Admin Note: This thread is closed. See post on same topic here:

I understand that you are probably disappointed that you did not get answers, and one reason you might not have is that this is not an issue that forum users can help you with. I’m sorry you are having trouble, but only Customer Support can help you - there is no one else. Creating duplicate posts in the forum on the same basic issue doesn’t help you either. Good luck.

What were the gigs you offered in your level 2 seller account?

So they just magically restricted your account one day and then you tried to ask what was the reason and they said it was because you have a lot of accounts? Or did they give you some kind of warning beforehand?

I am scared …This is the result of my past 1 year hard work???

One thing to do is to stop making duplicate posts. Since this one has more comments than the other, the other one ( will be closed. I don’t think anyone on the forums can really help you. Even if it is difficult, you will really need Customer Support. Keep your communications with them polite and don’t create multiple tickets if it’s not too late. Good luck.

Are you sharing your computer with anyone?

Do you use wifi internet connection with anyone else that also uses Fiverr?

There are other things that can happen that Fiverr might think that you have more than one account.

Reply to @theratypist:
hi, I designed resume. I am a creative resume designer. I designed custom resume templates and designed according to buyers choice. totally unique from scratch.

No warning. . No asking…

One day Everything okay and next day everything stopped… restricted .

I tried my best to contact fiverr . No one answer me. Just reply me with a copy and Paste paragraph about " MASS ACCOUNTS on fiverr is violation " After that From past 10 days I create a ticket Every morning and evening. They just close them without answering.

Level 2 seller with 100% rating and lots of reviews.

Reply to @fonthaunt:

Thanks for your Good response.
I try My best to ask customer support :frowning: I Do requests them and still doing. NO bad behavior and bad words.
Customer support didn’t help me, even didn’t answer me.

Reply to @resume_help: So, what do you hope to gain from the forums? I am just saying, CS is your only avenue for the kind of support you want. I don’t know how to help you or what you are asking for on the forum.

Reply to @fonthaunt:

I want my account back That was my hard-work and struggle from past 1 year. Now Customer support blame me for MASS ACCOUNTS and I have only My 1 account.

Reply to @resume_help: No one on the forum can help you get your account back. Multiple accounts typically get caught due to a shared payment account, not just the IP. In addition, a company with employees would still not trigger this. I don’t know what happened, but the bottom line is, there is no forum user with the power to restore your account no matter what. I’m sorry.

Reply to @fonthaunt:
Thanks for your Good response.
I dont know what makes them think and act like that?
I use my account Just on my own with my own card.

:frowning: :frowning: I dont know to whom I contact.

Reply to @resume_help: You are welcome for the response. You already made contact with Customer Support. I have no way to read the minds of CS. If your old account is already closed and the ticket is also marked resolved, you can start over. That’s about it.