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Facing Demotion...because new customers don't message me


I am not sure about other sellers, but I have had a sharp decline in new customer messages to my inbox in the last month(s). I get messages from repeat customers all the time. However, I have not had a new customer send me a message in the last 2 weeks.

2 weeks ago, a new customer sent me a message to my inbox with the word, “Hi.” The same customer then placed an order through my gig about 2 minutes later. I made a mistake. I did not respond to the customer’s original “Hi” in my inbox. I started and kept all communication in the order page. Because of my mistake, I was penalized in my in my Response Rate. I figured I was ok until recently.

The problem is this… I haven’t received any new messages. My rate will continue to drop, and drop. The response rate calculates all of your new messages received in the last 60 days. If my last message was 2 weeks ago, and I made a mistake and missed it… I will have no choice but to wait for more messages in hopes that I will not be demoted.

During this same time I have received about 30 orders from new customers that use the order to message me. Unfortunately, the system will only calculate customers that send you a message via inbox. I know I made a mistake, and missed the message. It stinks that I can’t do anything but hope.


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That’s really unfortunate, and unfair. Clearly the rules you broke are in place to ensure the type of service that you delivered. I can’t believe that none of the powers that be have done anything about it. It’s been an issue demotivating certain sellers for years, and for no clear benefit.


You could send multiple offers to buyer requests and ask them to contact you before ordering/contact you for a sample/demo. Or just put “please contact before ordering” in the gig description. Then reply within 24 hours to any that contact you.


Yes, it’s annoying. When this happens I either also behave like a blondie and send “hi” message back in inbox and the rest of the message on the order page, or just duplicating messages in order page and in inbox or just replying something like “thanks for reaching out I sent you all the details in our order page”


I faced the same issue in December - my response rate was at 89% and I was facing demotion as well! So frustrating, but, I did receive messages in time to avoid it. I had a 100% in all the other categories and a 5 star average, but, heaven forbid I took a day off and didn’t answer a message. I am much more diligent now obviously, but, still was annoying to have to deal with at the time.

What is your response rate % at now?



This isn’t a crazy idea. If I send some buyer requests I may receive some messages back. Thanks!

That is great to hear! I hope that something similar can happen as well. My rate is currently 88% and falling. I haven’t had any new messages since the one I missed, so by mathematical standards, it will continue to fall.


You could also send this message to customer support and tell them that due to one missed message, combined with no new messages, you are in danger of being demoted and ask if they have any ideas. Sometimes you will get a very helpful answer.

One missed message shouldn’t be enough to cause a demotion. I’m sure they can see that it’s unfair.


Very easy to fix - if you are gettin so many orders directly, just temporarily write on your gig page, highlighted and bold, before the gig description - “Offering exclusive deals - just contact me before ordering!” (you’ll have to then offer some extra to justify it, think about something that would be easy to do and applies to your gigs) 30 orders in 2 weeks with no messages, means many eyeballs on your page that may be interested in contacting you if there’s an incentive, that should get you enough messages to raise your rates. You could have had 30 new messages in the last two weeks if every client messaged you first :slight_smile:


If all his clients are previous ones it might not work but I do like your creative idea which is certainly worth a try.


Like @misscrystal mentioned, I think that it’s a creative idea. I like it and thank you for mentioning it. Can’t hurt to add a small new buyer discount anyway. Could be a two birds one stone kinda thing. Thanks @visualstudios