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Facing demotion...How do I appeal?

As a part time freelancer, I have the occasion to have to cancel orders based on the fact that the work requested falls outside of the parameters set forth in my description. This month I’ve had two such orders, both for which the customers understood that the description laid out specific details which precluded me doing their work. Now, I’ve dipped under 90% completion over the last 60 days and have no control over how many orders come in so that I might increase that number. Is there a way to request an exception to the arbitrary statistical adjudication of what a specific level of seller is?

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No - I’m afraid all cancellations count. :frowning_face:

Nothing to stop you asking CS though I suppose.

No the rules apply to everyone.

That question boggles my mind on so many levels. No I don’t think there is.

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Cancellation only penalize to us the sellers… . basically if you are starting and /or you few order … buyers can even threat us to cancel, to make work more for the same price.

And of course many here will say contact CS… but the great “but”… they only respond as many persons had said here with the rules…

Except of course the seller has a continuous bad behavior…

Basically the demotion concept is wrong. Fiverr want to treat like army student or dictator - perform…perform …perform

Nobody want to cancel their order accepts buyer want to - is there any rule apply on buyer for cancelling their order? Nhhh i don’t think so.

Fiverr have level concept upto level 2 from last 4-5 years. nothing updated in level status.

It should be Level 3, 4, 5. that can be evaluation.

This is my thought and your can be different than me :slight_smile: