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Facing difficulties in changing my fiverr paypal email

My papal account was limited and i have to change my email. But i am facing difficulties with the number i used to verify my account.I verified my account with a united states number but was registered on the fiverr page has Canada number. So, whenever i inserted the number i always get a rejection message. I message the support and i was replied that the numb er was not registered on their database.I am currently stocked up as i have not been able to either change my paypal email or change my payment method to payooneer. If there is any solution to this, please i want enlightenment.

Sorry, I can’t help commenting…

You have a Papal account? Does the Pope know this? :wink:

I’m sure the Pope would love to share some enlightenment with you.

In all seriousness, though, and to answer your question… you will have to contact Fiverr Customer Support for assistance in this matter. We cannot help you with account issues, only CS can do that.