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Facing error while saving a new gig at pricing stage

I am creating my new gig for google advertising service. I filled in the details at the pricing stage and click on save but this error keeps showing up. The screenshot is attached. Please share with me error knowledge on this.

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I think that is because offering services related to google Adwords is against Fiverr’s TOS.



Its Fiverr terms and conditions that Fiverr sellers can’t promote their gig through AdWords Platforms. Avoid this type of strategy to boost your gig. Focus on buyer request

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but there are many sellers on fiverr who are providing google ads services. and I am not advertising any of fiverr`s content on AdWords.

can you tell how am i suppose to create this gig?

No dear I am not promoting my any of gigs on google ads. I am creating a new gig of google ads campaign services as a seller to get new clients and those who want to grow their business with google ads.

Those sellers have not been caught yet. When they are, they will lose their accounts.

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I think dear we have misunderstood. The above Screenshot you shared in which the point is you can`t promote your gig or any fiver content through google ads. Here I am talking about creating a new Fiver gig as a PPC expert and I was getting error in saving gig. I was in the process of creating new gig.

as you are saying they are not caught yet. So, that mean PPC expert can`t create gig on fiver to sell his expertise?

I see, however, in your screenshot I see a black note that says something about Adwords campaign?

Just because people have a gig open in something, that doesn’t mean it’s allowed. CS doesn’t have the capacity to track and take down all gigs that break thr rules. But that doesn’t mean you should be able to break them.

Follow the ToS and educate yourself on sales principles instead of relying on ads and Buyer Requests.

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