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Facing negative review

Hi, I am new to fiverr and i didn’t know the rules properly. I was ill from 2 weeks and didn’t noticed my profile and orders. Buyer gave me the order without sending the message as i didn’t noticed he cancelled and leave a 1 star rating. I am really worried now what should i do as this was my first review and due to illness i was not able to saw that and this happened to me.
I requested buyer to remove the review and waiting for his response.
Any help is really appreciated.



Hi. I fear your buyer, even if they wanted to, can’t remove the review as they didn’t leave it.
If you don’t deliver and your order gets into “Very Late” status, the buyer can cancel, one-sided, and if they do, Fiverr automatically publishes that 1* review with “Seller didn’t deliver on time” or something standard text.

You should read the relevant articles in the Seller Help Center, so you know what options you have next time you get sick or need a break - you can turn on Out of Office mode, pause your gigs or limit the allowed orders in your gig queue, all with different effects and for different use cases. You can find info on how to use all those in the articles too.

Main thing is you’re not sick anymore, though, you’ll figure out the rest somehow.


Thanks for your help. But is there any option to remove that review.

If my first review is like that how can i get further orders as it’s affecting my status badly.

You could ask support, I suppose, but it’s very unlikely that they’d remove the review.

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okay i will ask them but if they do not remove the review what should do? Should i delete my GIG? or there is any other option?

Deleting your gig won’t help much, reviews stay on the account/profile.

You have basically 3 options:

  • hope that someone will order in spite of that review
  • advertise your gigs somewhere, social media, forums, wherever people are that may be interested in what you sell (or a mix of 1 and 2) and hope someone will order in spite of that review
  • close this account and open a new one (make sure to close the old account first, following Fiverr’s instructions (also to be found in the Seller Help Center, before opening a new one, as more than one account is strictly against the rules and one of the main reasons for bans)

okay thanks. One more question. If i delete this account, and open a new one, can i open with the same username that’s “Webric”? as this is the username i have on my other social media as well.

I fear not, to register a new account, you’ll have to use another username and a different email.
If you want to keep your usernames consistent, you could promote your gig in your social media maybe and try for a while, and if you see it won’t work, you can still close it and open a new one.
If it won’t work out, maybe something like Webric_fiverr as new username wouldn’t be too bad?

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okay thanks alot. Your help is really appreciated:)


No problem, we all make mistakes sometimes, the important thing is to learn from them. Don’t forget to check your notification settings and install the app if you haven’t already, so you can quickly turn on Out of Office mode if anything happens. Good luck going forward!


Don’t ask customer support to remove the review. You didn’t respond to an order so there is nothing they can do and they will possibly send you a warning or demotion for review manipulation if you even mention it to them.

Unfortunately, illness is never an excuse for ignoring an order.