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Facing prblem during uploading files

[i was looking for help that may b some one can help me with this problem.So the problem is that when i want to deliver the file and after clicking on upload file the file started uploading but when it reaches to 85% _95% may (i don,t know because there is no % during uploading) So when it reaches to 85%_90% i don,t know why but the page got hang and after few second it show me a error page which says Aw Swap
is there any body who can tell me how to come up with this.

I suggest you contact cs to make sure you can upload properly. I once had such issues when I wanted to deliver an order. But in my case, the file was uploaded successfully, only for the buyer to cancel the order and flag my account with claims that I delivered an empty box. When I checked, I realized the delivery was actually empty, which was no fault of mine. I contacted cs but there was nothing they could do. I lost a potential client, money and time.
Contact cs and let them help you out before attempting to upload the file again, so that nothing goes wrong.

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I have had issues with different browsers, either not uploading at all or not showing the upload progress. I now use safari without any issue but the upload feature can be a bit temperamental at times.

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I am facing the same issue right now and delivery is due in 50 minutes

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Thanks for help i will reach out ther

i don,t no how to come up with this