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Facing problem about buyer modification


This is minhaz.

2 days go I got an order from an buyer. This is an lead generation work(finding 100 email). I deliver his work within 3 hours of getting the order. But immediately he reject my work and ask for revision.

Then i newly do the job again(new 100 emails given), but again he made another revisions. and ask me to do this again.

Now fiverr is showing this order as late. and my buyer tell me, if I don’t do another revision , he will cancel the job. In every revision he is getting new 100 emails.

What should I do now?? Any Suggestion.

NB: I am level 2 seller and my gig is at 1st page, 1st position when searched by “find email address”

Level 2 seller

I would be careful with that, sounds like the buyer is just tricking you to get 3 times the amount he paid for. Did you ask him specifically what is wrong with your delivered work?

don’t fall in the trap, i think this buyer is trying to get a lot of work for just one gig, I would contact customer support if i was you.

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