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Facing problem as a level one seller

Yesterday I got level one badge.But when I clicked on buyer request then they were showing me only 5 buyers requests of 15th August of one category.While when I was new seller then they were showing me 40 _60 buter request if each category every day and now I am level one and it,s not showing me buyer request of present day any more.
They were 500 request and they a were of previous days.
Is there any who can tell me why it,s happening.?
Is there anyone who is facing the same problem?


Someone,s reply will be very helpful.

Still I am waiting for reply

Try clearing your cache, logging out and logging back in again. That might help. Also try reloading the page - once only.

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Ok o am trying it may be this will help

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It not working brother is there any other method?
Please help!

Not your brother.

It may be there are no buyer requests for your category at the moment. Sometimes that happens …

Interesting. I just looked at your profile … it comes up as level 1 …and after a few seconds the level one badge disappears. And it’s the wrong colour.

Ok sorry i was thinking that you are a seller therefore i called you brother.
I got badge on 15th august and there were no request on that day also there are only 4 buyer requests today.s (16th august) posted in my video editing gig category.While when i was a new seller then it was showing me 40 _60 buyer request in each category every day.
Why the color is showing wrong how it can be solved?
Answer please.

I am a seller. That doesn’t make me your brother.

Have you looked on your analytics page? Check the evaluation date has turned over to 15th September. That should stabilise the level …


I take a look of my profile and yes after few sec the badge disappears and i also looked at other level one sellers profile the same happens with those profile i think it is not a problem because it is happening with all.
And the color is correct not wrong.(You can check)

Can i call you friend?
So you mean that they will show me the same problem till 15 September.

You can call me @coerdelion … or nothing at all. That’s polite on this platform.

As to the date, once it rolls over, the badge may stabilise. It may be that the site, having so many new levelled sellers, is having an issue dealing with it all.

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Ok @coerdelion
Are you from fiverr customer support team if you are then i will not contact to fiverr CS as there answer will be the same which you gave me.If you are not from CS then i will try to go there once to solve this problem.

Nope. CS never come here - they have enough on their plates as it is.

However, you can try them. Right now they’re taking anything up to 10 days (or more) to respond.

Ok i will try them.
Thanks for your cooperation @coerdelion