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Facing problem in buyer request!

Hello peep, I want to know one thing that if any buyer add any jpg/png or other files in his request won’t I be able to see them after downloading?
Actually I downloaded some files but couldn’t open them at all in my pc. Is it normal or a problem for me?


Never open anything unless you know what’s in it. Many files in the buyer requests contain viruses, so you need to be very careful with them.


can anyone tell me what is the time for buyer requests in India? I can’t see any buyer request for two days now.

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There is no “proper time”. Buyer requests show up when they show up.


So there can be fake buyer request too?

But unfortunately till now all files that I downloaded and opened was containing viruses…so all of them were fake buyer request I guess,weren’t they?

Yes. People can be weird that way …

Extra care required.

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