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Facing problem in communication

I did a gig for my client and delivered the first copy. However, now he wants revision (changes) but I am facing issue like what my client really wants. Can I ask him for Skaypee or any other source where we can talk directly so we can sort the things in bettter way.


Communication off of Fiverr is not allowed unless you have permission from CS and the if you offer a service that can not be handled through the inbox.


In addition to what Miss Vickie said, be aware that anything you agree to on ■■■■■ or a similar service will not be recorded, and you will not be protected, in case the buyer claims that you offered to do something which you actually did not offer to do.

Having everything in writing is a great protection to you as a seller against false claims by a buyer.


Don’t do it. It’s not only against the terms of service and means you aren’t protected, but it takes a huge chunk of your time, probably rendering the rate for the order negligible.


By doing this you would be risking your account.

Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works and the consequences if you violate them.


Yes, basically the order is already going on I was thinking to have a voice chat or call and then update things in order.

I guess better to get permission from CS in this case

Hey there in this case u can’t communicate on Skaype , OR other services use mediafire if file is above 150mb or use winrar.

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it is best to talk about the page of fiverr, since talking on the outside would cause problems for both profiles for including the rules

It already looks like a problematic order(never a good sign if people don’t provide all requirements) so why would you want to take it out of fiverr?
If there is any dispute you’d better to have all conversation documented on fiverr

I think you just kidding here. You’ve completed more than 340 orders. You supposed to know what to do and what not to do. :slight_smile:

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Basically my Niche is website design I have already created it however on revision users needs to change certain things and in text its hard for me to make user understand as he is not understanding properly.

That is the reason I wanted but anyways I guess its a bad idea

You could try attaching an image/images showing what you mean if text alone isn’t working, or if that won’t work maybe a video clip.

Is it wrong to ask because I never had such issue as communication always went fine. The users quoted me that Fiverr does allow to talk on ■■■■■ as order has already been placed and many gig for online lessons etc and they do share details so its not wrong for them.

So I was also doing that same and its not necessary and everyone is like you who know everything :slight_smile: So not kidding in actual from my side.

Have you considered making a screencast video explaining what you need to know from your client? Perhaps your client would find it easier to understand.

They do, but they have obtained the permission from CS first, and it’s stated in their gig descriptions/requirements that they will be using Sk…e.

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Yes, I considered the same now :slight_smile: Because rather than asking Fiverr CS for this will be a problem and time taking procedure so I did the same to send a video message directly here on Fiverr.

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As a senior person and a seller on fiverr, You have to know what are the terms of service. That’s what i talked about. You should know that communication outside of fiverr is prohibited unless it is necessary to complete the order. in this case anyone can see there is no situation to talk outside of fiverr. :relieved:

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