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Facing problem my order is not marked complete even more then 8 days passed by fiverr automatic system

I did work for a buyer. But then buyer not accepting my delivery. First, he abuses and degrades me. Then he sent me a cancellation request. Before that, I also fulfilled his revision request.
I ask so many times to my buyer please accept my delivery, but he is not accepting my delivery. I beg him please pay my hardworking money. But buyer not accepted my delivery. More then 8 days passed i have delivered him. But still my delivery is not accepted even automatically. I am waiting please customer support mark my order complelte now. It is my hardworking money. PLease help me.


This is forum, not customer support. It’s just buyers and sellers here. Nobody on the forum can mark your order as complete.


Did you try to “Deliver again”?
What is the problem with the buyer? Was he happy with the result of your work?

Yes, i did. But buyer not accepting my dellivery. Buyer is happy with my delivery. Problem is that buyer is forcing me to do his extra work. I delivered him complete work which i comiited him. Then buyer forced me do his more work in same offer. I told him to please accept my extras offer for your extra work. But buyer is so clever he forced me to do his extra work, first he give me greed that he will give me more work in future, he as not more money for his extra work now. he may give me more work in future.
when i told him sir this is not way to take extra work. Then he abuse me, blackmail me, degrade me. ANd now not accepting my delivery just because i told him that please accept my extra offer for your extra work.