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Facing Problem with buyer request


Dear Fiverr expert,
I’m a seller but i made a buyer request post. Fiverr did not accept my post. And Fiverr reduce my buyer request list. Its only around 30. How i overcome this problem? Please Help me


Do you mean you´re generally a seller but posted a buyer request post because you wanted to buy a service? Then I don´t know.

If you´re a seller and posted a seller ad to sell your service in Buyer Requests, then it wasn´t accepted because Buyer Requests is for buyers to post requests for services.
In that case reading one of the many related forum threads, for example this one (feel free to use the forum search function top right as well), might help you to understand the feature:


Nice post. Liked this. I have learned new.


Thanks Mila,

Please this attach
How can i overcome its?


Only way is to remove them, you can´t avoid them. You have the option when you hover with your mouse.


ohh i see… Again thanks mila