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Facing problem with cancel order

Hey, I want to cancel an order, I contacted the support for more than 12 hours but no response, is it normal?

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Sometimes it takes up to 48 hours for CS to respond.


Hey, thanks for the quick respond
is it also normal that my request doesn’t appear when I check my exesting requests, because I can only see the older requests, and I don’t see the one that I create this day

Hi, that means your request wasn’t submitted. Please try using another browser or if possible use the Mobile Fiverr app to get in touch with CS.


You can cancel your order manually…for instructions:

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Thanks for your answer, I did it with firefox and the mobile app with no results, so I did it manually by asking the buyer, thanks

thank you, that’s what I just did, the countdown is paussed now wich is what I was afraid off before.