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Facing problem with Tip

Hi everyone. Hope you are doing well… I am facing some problems while getting tips.
Recently I got a tip of $5 and the order was also $5. So I earned $8, but on the order page, Fiverr showing me that “You Earned $4”. Then I went to the earning section, I thought it might be some network issue. But I was wrong, I see $4 there too. Then I checked my previous order where I got tip, surprisingly I found that it is happening with me continuously. And I got surprised on one specific order, That order was in $30 and I got a tip of $10, but Fiverr showing me “You Earned $8” I’m really confused about what is happening to me. I need your suggestion Please!
Here I attached Two screenshots.
prb1 prb2




I think tips show separately in your earnings. It should be two $4 lines instead of one $8 in there.

As for it showing that you earned only your tips and not the rest, it’s a display issue. The earnings from the order itself and the tip appear as two lines one underneath the other on your earnings page. As long as both of those lines are there, you’re fine. If you can’t find any of them on your earnings page, you need to contact CS.


Thank you so much. Yes there are two lines for the same order!


its really confusing. not easy to understand

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Go to the earning page its shows your real amount. sometimes it also happens to me. I think it’s maybe the systems bug(not sure about bug)

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Check your pending clearance.
I think everything is fine there


What about your total earning, is it effect there too.

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Most of my orders are for $5 - $15. And I was getting 5-8 orders in one day at that time. It was hard to remember the amount all the time! Anyways the problem is solved now. It was just an display error! All my earning is safe. Thank you so much for your support.