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Facing Response Rate problem


I am very upset my response rate now 67% and response time 19 hours showing.
how can solve this problem. please anyone advise me…


You can answer faster on messages and try not to ignore them for 24 hours :wink: simple as that.


After facing problem i not get any buyer request .


I’m sorry but this is not fiverr problem. It’s your responsibility as a seller to keep good communication and statistics as it affects your rating, ranking, sales and if it falls below certain level you wouldn’t be able to see buyer requests.

I would suggest for you to download fiverr app to get notifications right away when someone contacts you


I am new in fiverr i was joined fiverr two month ago i have two gig i did not get any order. I get buyer request regularly but now days i not get request.


Thanks for advise me…


Maybe last week is long holiday. Hope will received more request starting next week


I see no rate in your profile :flushed:

Would it be too much asking you to please tell us what’s your rating?