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Facing Same Issue, Buyer not able to accept Deliver- Disable Button [RESOLVED]


Facing issue from last few hours…

I Deliver order and Buyers Not able to accept and rate Order,
Not able to see Their message also.

Fiverr Can you please Fix this… Your Technical issue :confused:


I have the same issue. I can’t see my messages sent also.


Hope they Fix soon…


Having the same problem. Requested an order, got a message it was delivered, but it shows as still being worked on, yet it says it is ready for review. Tried sending the seller a message, but even the message I sent is not showing up.


I’m facing the same issue right now. I think Fiverr team is working on their site or maybe they’re updating something…

Messages are disappearing for some reason.


This Happened to me as well , I’ve been refreshing but still hitting a dead end!


issue solved… What about you ?