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Facing trouble situation

Sometimes Buyers are new in Fiverr. The place their order without discussion. After that, they want to refund. Could anyone suggest to me what I will do in this situation?
Thank you.


Contact CS to make cancellation without affecting your profile.

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Thank you"
I send messages on fiverr contact support but it takes too much time. On the meantime, either the order date is over or I need to cancel the order because of the buyer force.

Let them handle it no matter how much time it takes. if you try to do something on your end it will just cause problems.

And what if you have a delivery with 24h and afterwards the buyer cancels and gives me 1 star?

The support always means: He cannot intervene in the rating.


Thank you so much,
it will be very helpful for me mam :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: